Prepare a Future Workbook now available

Feel stuck in your life?

Prepare a Future exists to address this exact issue.


This workbook was designed to complement the Prepare a Future coaching process, but it can be worked through individually as well—or as a precursor to coaching.


It’s set up in three sections:


    1. Taking Personal Inventory
    2. Self-Discovery
    3. Integration or Application of what was learned


Through illustrated graphics and questions, concepts are introduced to help people look at their life from different perspectives. I’ve also presented an original model to help one discover their “Identity DNA” which provides solid anchor points to help an individual understand and pursue their identitypurpose, and calling.


Other topics include:


    • Paradox of Choice
    • Decision-Making
    • Personal Growth and Development
    • Gifts, Values, Vision
    • Identity Capital
    • Integrity
    • Relationships and Networking

This workbook is perfect if you are in your twenties and trying to figure out what to do with your life. It’s also a useful tool to give to someone you know who’s struggling with career or life direction.