The Twenties BeatDown


/’twentēs ‘bēt ‚doun/‚ noun.

The Twenties BeatDown® most crudely put is a time period in your twenties where you just feel “beat down” by life. Usually, it comes in the form of some set of circumstances not working out the way you had expected (in career, relationships, finances, etc). It happens most commonly when you hit the real world and meet unexpected obstacles or uncertainty. It’s typically accompanied by questioning, self-doubt, anxiety and frustration because of the overwhelming pressures and stresses of society. Sometimes it can lead to depression or panic attacks. You might even feel isolated in your circumstances as though you’re the only one going through this.

It seems like there is a growing trend of more people experiencing this phenomenon.

This book will demonstrate that you are not alone (as a twentysomething) and attempt to answer the timely question as to why this is happening. Much has changed in society and people are not developing like they did in the past, and there are some reasons for this. Through stories and concepts I will share my findings from my last nine years of research and study and provide some practical tools that have been able to help many of the people I’ve mentored over the years.

“Many twentysomethings struggle to find success because they don’t know where to start in solving their problem. My peers experience all this stress and discomfort but are simply unaware of what’s going on with them. I have experienced the many negative feelings and pressure from this stage of life, but it wasn’t until I saw Drew’s presentation on the Twenties BeatDown that I realized the origin of my discomfort and uncertainty.” 

– Alexander, 21, college senior

Prepare a Future exists to address this exact issue.