“Drew mentored me during my college years as I was seeking professional direction. I’ve always been very ambitious, but Drew showed me that I was unfocused in my pursuit of success. Working with Drew helped me to define my individual skill-set and focus my personal desires in the correct direction. He always had my best interest at heart. Anyone who is about to experience change or is in need of direction would benefit from working with Drew.”  Jon, 25, Consultant in a ‘Big Four’ firm


“I’ve known Drew for seven years now. He has always been genuine and interested in making me successful. He introduced me to my career, and I currently utilize his talent as a coach to continue successfully achieving my endeavors. I recommend using Drew.” -Randolph, 28, Financial Advisor


“Drew mentored me most in my last years of college and the few years afterward. Drew’s ability to perceive what a person needs shows not only his brilliance, but his deep interest in anyone he works with or mentors. He is patient both in helping you find the right answer to your questions but also in his own search for the right questions to truly educate and develop someone. I’d be a much different and less successful person if it weren’t for Drew Lichtenberger. It’s an honor having him as a mentor.” -Mike, 27, Co-founder/CEO of a start-up


“Drew has been an amazing advisor in helping me define and establish my young professional career. Drew has been with me from my college years through the transition into the actual career world. I met him five years ago when I was a sophomore at Virginia Tech when he gave me new ways to think about my professional life. We have kept in touch about once per year when I have faced significant or intimidating career decisions. Looking back, it’s amazing how much his guidance has helped me shape my vocation. He listens with his head and heart to connect who you are with who you want to be by challenging you to explore yourself internally. He has even helped me to navigate ambiguous situations with supervisors and colleagues with positive results. I have a very high degree of trust and respect for Drew and will continue to consult him each year to help manage my career.”
-Andrew, 27, Financial Analyst & Project Manager, Healthcare Firm


“Prior to meeting with Drew, I had always looked out at the world when selecting goals. Ultimately, this would lead me to a job after college that I was unsatisfied with and would end up leaving. Over the next couple of months, Drew and I had a number of conversations. His ability to analyze these conversations, create questions to guide our discussion, and provide a means for holding myself accountable led me to my current path. Drew’s ability to help me look inward for my path rather than outward has everything to do with the satisfaction I have found in my career and life. I’ve now been in the United States Army for two years. I’ve completed a number of individual training assignments and have lead my first Platoon to be recognized as the best in the Battalion during our train up for deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Drew didn’t do all the hard work to get me here, but because of his mentoring I discovered where I was supposed to be, where I will be successful, and ultimately happy. I can say with certainty that where I am today is a direct result of our time spent together.” -1st Lt. Carbaugh, 26, US Army