Coaching and Mentoring

Developmental coaching specifically designed to address the more ambiguous transition to adulthood or those going through The Twenties BeatDown®. It’s developmental coaching, so the process helps someone to figure out who they are (their identity and purpose) and employ their gifts for the most positive impact on society while also addressing areas of personal growth and change.

“In my college years I went through this coaching process which helped me understand my unique talents and professional interests. As a result got a much better idea of what I wanted to do with my life and how I could apply my personal passions and professional interests to map out a career path. The process really challenged me to grow both personally and professionally. Drew gets to know you and has a genuine interest in, and ability to, develop you. I will be forever grateful for the mentoring from him.”  – Justin Key


Speaking and Presentations

Speaking to parents, employers, or other interested parties about the new challenges of coming of age in a more complex, late-modern society.

Speaking to young adults about The Twenties BeatDown and meeting life’s challenges and excitement in today’s Information Age.

Talk hosted by the University of Richmond to graduating seniors:

Seminars, Workshops, and Consulting

Customized seminar and workshop content for younger and older generations. Please inquire.


Do you have an organization brimming with twentysomething or Millennial generation employees? Are you feeling a generation gap? Don’t understand them or how to motivate them? I may be able to help with diagnostics and provide solutions through management consulting, coaching, content, and strategies to educe the latent gifts within your team. Please inquire.