Jung Typologies


Jung Typology (16 Personalities)


Answer questions relatively quickly, go with your gut instinct, do not answer how you think you should (or what you think you should be), rather go with the answer that would be your most natural response.


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After you take the assessment please cut and paste your personality type results (the four letter code including percentages) in an email to me drew@prepareafuture.com
Then browse the links below and select the link to your type for a description of your personality. If possible, please print off a couple of the descriptions (you might want to cut and paste them into a word doc and change the font color to black). Then read over the descriptions and make some notes on what you agree or disagree with as it relates to you.  You may want to highlight some lines that really describe you. If we are meeting again soon, please come ready to discuss your results at our next meeting.


See what your type means:

ISTJ      ISFJ      INFJ      INTJ

ISTP      ISFP      INFP      INTP

ESTP      ESFP      ENFP      ENTP

ESTJ      ESFJ      ENFJ      ENTJ



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