Prepare a Future℠ Curriculum


At some point in life, everyone needs to confront the question, “Who am I, and what should I do with my life?” This is the identity formation stage that Erik Erikson, the ‘father’ of human development wrote about decades ago. This should start in adolescence but now more people are not really embarking on this “identity work” until much later in life.


PaF NotebookAdditionally, people have to deliberate through all of their options and make choices and commitments in the areas of education, work, geography, and relationships. This process is called individualization and some people let this passively happen by default while others choose to take a proactive developmental approach to organizing their life-course. Prepare a Future is a Developmental Individualization Curriculum which is designed to help inspire someone to get on a developmental track and provide the tools to own their development.


Prepare a Future is built on cutting edge identity theory that combines developmental psychology with sociology.


Right now the Prepare a Future℠ Developmental Individualization Curriculum is available through private coaching or a seminar/workshop format.